Five gyms to join in Dubai

Warehouse Gym

There’s any amount of options in Dubai and if you’re assessing them then take a look at the list below to see what best suits your body aspirations (and your bank balance). Operation abs, here we go.

Barry’s Bootcamp
If there’s anything we enjoy more than working up a good sweat, it’s doing so while being encouragingly barked at by military-style instructors, and Barry’s Bootcamp will certainly put you through your paces. The workout combines cardio and strength training with alternative bursts of intense anaerobic exercise with recovery periods to keep the heart-rate elevated. So every class is a mix of weights and running, basically. The idea is that you’ll continue to burn calories for hours after the workout ends, meaning you could genuinely be losing weight while eating a slice of pizza a burger. This one is for gymgoers who are dedicated to their workouts, and you’ll need some level of fitness to attend, but don’t be put off – the instructors are brilliant and the atmosphere is an encouraging one.
Dhs84 (first class),Dhs126 (per session), Dhs1,207.50 (monthly 12 class membership with 12 classes per 30 days). Open Sun-Thurs 7.00am-9.30pm, Fri 7.15am-2.30pm, Sat 8am-6.30pm (Marina timings).Trident Grand Mall, Dubai Marina & Central Park Towers DIFC,

If you fancy leaping, lifting, lunging and twisting your way to a better body then F45 could be just the kick you need. The circuit-style HIIT classes last 45 minutes (60 minutes on a weekend) and focus on both strength and cardio. The best part of this one is that you can sign yourself up for a completely free two-week trial with unlimited sessions across the fortnight, to effectively try before you buy, and if you have an unlimited membership you can take part in the regular eight-week transformation programmes. It’s a difficult workout, but every exercise is demonstrated and expert instructors are on hand to show you how it’s done. They even have live DJs to carry the vibe on a weekend, and if that’s not good enough reason to rouse you from your pit on a Friday morning, then we don’t know what is.
Dhs1,000 (ten sessions). Dhs1,200 (one month unlimited), Dhs3,300 (two months), Dhs5,500 (six months), Dhs9,450 (12 months), prices don’t include VAT. Locations include Dubai Marina, Motor City and Jumeirah Beach,

The sheer scale of Fit Republik’s facilities is something to be marvelled at. It covers over 11,200 sq m and incorporates Olympic-sized facilities for swimming and gymnastics with a number of specialist machines including a sled, core spider and an ‘Olympic powerlifting elite zone’. With more than 350 group classes every week including boxercise, body attack, Zumba and yoga, there’s something for everyone – though their website warns that they’re “not messing about. If you’re going to do it, do it right”. We’re slightly scared.
From Dhs2,415 (three months pre-paid). Sports City,

The Platform
This cool gym at Dubai Marina not only has a range of studios, all the instructors are fun, welcoming and encouraging, so don’t be shy at turning up if you’re more au fait with lifting a burger than a dumbbell, as they’ll have you whipped into shape in no time. Be prepare to work, however, the clientele here are serious about getting results. The HIIT classes are especially popular, and the studio is kitted out with all the equipment you could hope for (including battling ropes to really get those guns going). For cardio fans there’s also spinning, and even a combo of spinning and HIIT. After something a little more low-impact? Try out barre, Pilates or yoga, all held in a studio brimming with natural light. There’s even a reformer studio. Classes start as early as 6am and run through until 9pm, so there’s no excuse not to check one out pre- or post-work. And with prices starting at Dhs699 a month the cost won’t have you sweating. The 50 burpees, on the other hand, certainly will.
Dhs105 (two classes – intro session for first-timers only), Dhs136.50 (one class), Dhs577.50 (five sessions), Dhs1,050 (ten sessions), Dhs2,000.25 (20 sessions).Open daily from 6am. Dubai Marina (04 435 8083).

Warehouse Gym
There are four of them across the city – and they’re all super-trendy. Branches are spread across Al Quoz, Business Bay, JBR, d3 and Springs Souk. You’ll find all of the high-tech equipment you’d expect from a top-of-the-range gymnasium these days, as well as pop art, raw-stamped concrete, and mirrors everywhere (for better or worse). There’s also a load of classes on offer – and they can be pretty intense, with HIIT classes, boxing and CrossFit dominating the schedule. Expect nightclubby vibes and live DJs as you sweat your chops off (in the best possible way).
Dhs105 (single class/gym access), Dhs525 (monthly membership), Dhs839 (monthly membership plus Crossfit and Black Box). Various locations including JBR & Al Quoz,


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