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    C-Fitness is a fitness management and instructor service provider. Our team consists of top fitness professionals with degree’s and internationally recognised certifications. We have the right trainer for any person of any age who is looking to take control of their personal health & fitness. Our trainers come to your home or private gym to make sure you stay motivated and reach your goal, or choose to train in one of our many gym locations conveniently located near you, no membership fee needed. CF provides a wide variety of services such as Fitness Trainers, Group Instructors, Yoga instructors, Kickboxing Trainers, Nutritionists and more.


    Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, be more flexible, or train for a specific sport, a Personal Trainer can help. Armed with the latest information on fitness, Personal Trainers provide more than just assistance, they provide the Motivation you need to get it done! Motivation is one of the key factors that determine whether or not you will reach your goal.

    If the idea of working out in a gym horrifies you, and you are more comfortable in your own home, our Personal Trainers will design a programme that will work in your living room or backyard, with or without expensive and bulky equipment. Gone are the days when Personal Trainers were only for athletes, celebrities and for the wealthy, now almost everyone you see with the body you want is working with a fitness professional.​

    Personal Training

    Muy Thai
    Muscular Development + Cardio Conditioning + Stretching = Ultimate Fitness
    A typical training session begins with 30 minutes of cardio conditioning featuring jumping rope and/or running, Thai-style calisthenics (muscular development) and stretching. The remainder of the class consists of shadow boxing, heavy bag workouts and various reaction drills. Through these exercises you’ll learn how to execute combinations of punches, elbows, knees and kicks. As you Advance you will develop a solid base of Muay Thai techniques as well as a solid fit body.


    Jiu Jitsu
    Strength, conditioning and flexibility are all benefits a student can expect to receive with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts training, regardless of your age. Every muscle group is strengthened and defined with the exercises, movements, technique and training drills that are incorporated into our curriculum. Your endurance and stamina will peak as your cardiovascular conditioning increases. You will feel all of these physical benefits in daily life activities, increasing your energy and confidence. Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu services range from classes of sub novice levels, advanced class levels or one on one training.


    The typical training session stimulates all muscle groups, and provides a great combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Many people training for boxing fitness also find it to be an excellent outlet for pent-up aggression and an effective stress reliever. Finally, boxing can provide a very direct means of competition between two people in a controlled environment, and an increased level of self-esteem and achievement. Our Boxing services range from classes of sub novice levels, advanced class levels or one on one training.


    Combat Training

    Dive into one of our many different group exercise classes to burn calories and get toned in an energetic atmosphere. Get exercises and weights that are customized for your ability in a group setting. Use a combination of free weights, resistance bands, Kettlebells, TRX Suspension Trainers and body weight to burn calories and sculpt your body. Classes ranging from Body Pump, Cycling, Body Combat, Yoga, Pilates, MMA and more.


    Group exercise

    Have you struggled with weight issues? Do you have a big fitness goal to achieve and aren’t sure where to turn? Then our Women’s Private Personal Training is the option for you.
    If you’ve tried the diets, the pills, the potions, the packaged food – and you’re still fighting fitness issues – then you need the support of a Female Personal Trainer, the accountability, and the motivation that our Women’s Private Personal Training programs provide. Convenient Fitness’s understands and is sensitive to the local culture. Our female trainers will design a custom fitness program, bring the equipment needed and train you in the privacy of your home or private gym.


    Private Training For Women Only

    Our hands on teacher development approach is unsurpassed, setting us apart from other studios. We provide a quality individual, and group experience for every yogi. Our instructors offer beginning tips for our newcomers in each class as well as those with any ailments. We truly believe that if you do the best you can (however much or little that may be) that you will receive the benefits. Whatever your age, injury, or prior yoga experience (if any at all), this yoga will benefit your body and mind in ways you never imagined possible! We enjoy connecting with our students and listening to their needs to ensure an excellent Yoga experience. Levels range from beginners to experienced.



    While women are taught from a young age the importance of caring for their body, there is perhaps no more important time to do so than during pregnancy. Not only are we interested in providing the healthiest environment for a developing child, but we are also doing anything in our power to make for the easiest (read: least painful) delivery. Later, after the little bundle of joy arrives and you’re left with a bundle of mush around your middles, we seek the quickest route back to your pre-pregnancy bodies as possible.


    Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness

    Circuit Training for Kids:
    Circuit training exercises for young children can include jump rope, hop scotch, throwing balls, jumping in the air, hula hoop, relay races, jumping jacks and dashes. Set up cones or other identifiable areas so children can move from station to station to see how much they’ve accomplished and how far they have to go. Tell the children prior to beginning the circuit what’s going to happen at each station and what it will take to complete the circuit.

    Swimming for Kids
    Our swim program is friendly and caring with internationally qualified industry instructors with a true passion for swimming. Swimming exercises and strengthens a child’s muscular and cardio vascular systems. The unique environment allows the body to move in ways it cannot on land, leading to better co-ordination and fine motor skills. Swimming helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs. Our passion for swimming is contagious and all of our students love their lessons.​

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