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    Our members are at the heart of everything we do and having built the gyms based on member feedback and suggestions, we are always open to more. With long opening hours and a friendly atmosphere, Elevation Fitness aims to make all members feel like part of the family, whatever their goals. Whether you need weight loss, muscle definition, strength and conditioning or to improve athletic performance. So if you are serious about fitness, want to improve your current condition or just want to let of some steam and have fun, the Elevation Fitness team will welcome you with open arms.

    We can provide you with a personalized training regimen to help you achieve your individual fitness goals, one day at a time. A dedicated personal fitness trainer in dubai can guide you throughout each exercise in your routine, ensuring you are practicing proper form and maximizing your personalized circuit for the best results.

    We can also assign you a personal nutrition trainer, who can create a personal nutritional guide to supplement your training program and accelerate your path towards better fitness. By combining regular exercise and proper diet, our team can help you get fit, get healthier, get better, faster!

    Elevation Fitness is go to gym in Dubai with outdoor area and other amenities including changing area, lockers, showers, sauna, coffee machine, outdoor gym, TRX, personal training rooms and gym floor.

    World-class training with an expert personal fitness trainer in Dubai


    Elevation Fitness is an exclusive personal training brand that provides personalized health and fitness programs to clients who wish to achieve their very own fitness goals and make lifestyle changes that are geared towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.


    Our mission is not only to provide you with an expert personal trainer in Dubai to guide you towards better health, but also to make your personal fitness journey successful and enjoyable. Our advanced and results-driven training approach and in-depth knowledge of the physical body allow us to provide highly specialized and individualized fitness programs that are sure to result in positive and noticeable physical improvements that not only improve your figure, but also your well-being.

    Elite sport professionals & personal trainers in Dubai


    Here at Elevation Fitness, we take pride in having some of the best and most qualified trainers looking after our customers’ progress to better health. We have built a team of highly-qualified Dubai personal trainers and sports professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise in personal training, nutrition, and fitness management to help our clients achieve their own fitness goals as quickly and soundly as possible.


    Top Personal Fitness Trainers in DubaiBut more than their skills, it’s their unwavering passion to help people achieve better health and a higher quality of life that makes them a perfect fit here at Elevation Fitness. Beyond providing professional nutritional programs and complete workout regimens, our team of personal trainers are also out to help motivate our customers in their personal training and fitness journey.


    Our team creates a personalized health and wellness plan for each client by following this structured and progressive training approach:

    • Establish client baseline based on their current condition
    • Collaborate with client to set fitness goals
    • Work together with other experts to create individualized training programs & strategies
    • Monitor and assess training and body transformation progress
    • Provide motivation and inspiration to the client all-throughout the program

    Whether you are working out to lose unwanted fats, build your muscles, or prepare for an upcoming competition, our personal fitness trainers can help you to become a better version of yourself.
    Top-of-the-line personal training facility


    Elevation Fitness offers fully-equipped training facilities to support all types of personalized training programs, whole body workouts, high intensity interval training, focused muscle building, yoga and flexibility workouts, calisthenics, and other training regimens.


    Our facilities are fitted with state-of-the-art gym equipment and workout gear that will push you to the limit and make the most of your daily workouts, so that you leave feeling fulfilled after every session. Whether you’re interested in working out a sweat through high intensity exercises, or getting massive gains in the weight room, we’ve got you covered!

    Get the full Elevation Fitness experience today and take your fitness to a whole new level!

    Partner with a qualified personal trainer today!

    Ready to take that first step to better health? Visit any of our gyms in Dubai today. We have a branch in Business Bay and Jumeirah Lakes Towers. Find out more about our timings by visiting our contact page or contacting us at +971 4 5514744. You can also email us your queries at info.jlt@elevationfitness.ae.


    Group Classes

    Class details

    Group Classes – JLT

    From Les Mills to Calisthenics and from TRX to Yoga we have recruited the best teachers in Dubai to create a class schedule fit for all. Our varied and ever evolving class timetable runs from Saturday- Thursday with early morning and evening options to fit around your working day. Ranging from high intensity to relaxation, utilizing both our outdoor and indoor facilities, each class is designed to work you to your best ability and enable you to enjoy yourself at the same time.


    Group Classes – BB

    Our in house Personal trainers have created a class schedule fit for all. Our varied and ever evolving class timetable runs from Sunday – Thursday in the evening to fit around your working day. Ranging from high intensity to relaxation, utilizing both our outdoor and indoor facilities, each class is designed to work you to your best ability and enable you to enjoy yourself at the same time.


    Fitness Clubs
    Elevation Fitness: Your go-to fitness club and centre in Dubai

    Elevation Fitness is an established fitness club in Dubai that offers highly-personalized training programs and nutrition planning aimed at helping you enjoy better health. Our facility provides comprehensive and individualized training regimens to address the needs of each and every member.


    As the premier health club in Dubai, our mission is to bring together all fitness enthusiasts and aspirants into one holistic community and provide them with the support they need to have a balanced lifestyle and help them achieve their health goals. Our wide range of training packages and personalized programs are aimed at servicing clients and helping them to be a better version of themselves at a timetable that is convenient for them.

    Best Fitness Club in Dubai, Our top trainer on CardioExpert insight from a foremost fitness centre in Dubai

    We are more than just a fitness centre in Dubai – we make sure that all our clients and members get the best service and treatment they deserve when they are inside our facility. Our trained coaches and nutrition experts are always here to help you every step of the way. Whether you are trying to start your fitness journey or want to maintain your shape and health, you can be sure that we are there to support you.


    Our team is composed of highly-trained training professionals who are widely recognized in their respective fields. Backed by years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in health and nutrition, our in-house trainers and fitness experts are capable of providing our clients with in-depth programs that improve their well-being holistically.


    But most importantly, we have that a team that is passionate about health and are committed to help every customer boost their performance and commit to their training regimen and dietary plans.

    Access to impressive gym equipment at our Dubai fitness centre

    One of the privileges of being a member at our fitness clubs is the unlimited access to our world-class training equipment and specialized workout spaces. We make sure that every member has the opportunity to use the facility and equipment to the fullest.

    Designed to accommodate the needs of our clients and members, our gyms are spacious, well-maintained, and fully equipped to give each customer a full and highly satisfying workout each session.


    We promote a safe and motivating environment where individuals can feel comfortable working out and breaking a sweat.


    The Premiere Boxing Gym in Dubai

    Sharpen your skills and hone your techniques by training with the best in the sport.

    Sign up with the top boxing gym in Dubai today, and take your game to new heights, here at Elevation Fitness!
    Hit harder, faster with one of the top boxing clubs in today


    Elevation Fitness is a top-notch boxing gym that aims to help athletes, enthusiasts, and even boxing professionals raise their game through intensive and in-depth boxing training. We have a range of training programs which are designed to help participants of different skill levels improve and develop in the sport of boxing.


    Whether you’re an absolute beginner, a long-time enthusiast, an amateur boxer, or a professional fighter, our team can help you grow and improve with specialized training. We have experienced boxing trainers and professionals who will guide, teach, train, and hone you.

    We can help you improve your endurance and power with focused strength and conditioning training. From generating more explosive power in your punches to enhancing your quickness and agility, our trainers can get your physical conditioning to the next level.

    Need help extending your gas tank for the later rounds? We can do focused cardio training exercises for you as well. We can implement advanced training tactics to get your endurance and cardiovascular system up.


    We also have advanced boxing training classes for those who want to go beyond beginner and intermediate levels. Learn tips and tricks from professional boxers and trainers, and discover how to best use your skill set in any given situation.

    In the end, however, nothing beats experience. That is why we offer sparring classes for both beginner and advanced students. Test your skills against an equal opponent and learn more about the sweet science by getting into the action.


    Full nutrition coaching from an expert nutrition personal trainer

    Elevation Fitness is an elite personal training and fitness center that provides complete personalized fitness programs aimed at helping people reach their fitness goals, one session at a time.


    Our goal is to create a community of healthy and happy individuals who prioritize their health and well-being. By providing each client with a personalized workout and nutrition program, we help accelerate their progress, while also making their fitness journey more enjoyable.

    Our wide range of fitness services and our team of nutrition personal trainers and coaches are here to help clients resolve nutritional imbalances through customized dietary regimens that will supplement them with the right nutrients to accomplish their routines and exercises.

    Tailored nutrition, training & counseling for you

    Here at Elevation Fitness, we believe that diet and fitness are intrinsically connected and should be given equal attention. As a personal training brand promoting better overall health, we give our clients access to a professional nutrition personal trainer to help them better understand the impact of having the right diet and nutritional program to achieving better health. Backed with qualified nutrition training and knowledge, your nutrition trainer will be in charge of creating dietary plans for you to follow, so you feel better after workouts and recover faster in between sessions.


    Your nutrition trainer will collaborate with you to understand the health and fitness goals you are trying to achieve and create a plan that allows your body to have the necessary nutrients to keep healthy and strong as you progress through your fitness journey.

    Our approach is NOT based on hunches and guesswork. We apply nutritional science and knowledge gained from extensive nutrition training and combine it with clinical assessment and diagnostic tools to better determine the dietary needs of each client and create an accurate daily nutritional regimen specifically made to manage their health and help them perform at an optimal level.


    Our nutrition coaching and counseling can help you to:

    • Fuel your workouts
    • Manage your weight
    • Build your muscle
    • Resolve dietary imbalances
    • Eat the right food

    Whether you are preparing for a sports competition or you want to boost your fitness regimen, our dietary planning and coaching can help you reach your peak condition and achieve your goals.

    Partner with a trusted and dedicated nutrition trainer to guide you

    Knowledge is the key to delivering results – that is what we believe here at Elevation Fitness. That is why we have teamed up with the best and the most qualified experts in our industry to better serve our clients.


    Every nutrition trainer and personal training coach here at Elevation Fitness is backed with qualified nutrition training and a proven track record when it comes to delivering results. But more than their skills, they are selected because of their work ethic and professionalism.

    They collaborate with clients to identify their unique needs and circumstances. They also provide motivation and inspiration to clients to help them perform better and keep them on track with their fitness strategies and diet plans.

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