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    Get Fit. Get Healthy. Make New Friends.
    Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced Crossfitter.We’ll introduce you to some of your future best mates, teach you some new skills and get you really fit in the process.
    Business Bay CrossFit is one of many Crossfit boxes in Dubai, so when choosing your new fitness home, why would you come to BBCF?

    Business Bay CrossFit is likely the smallest crossfit box in all of Dubai, and perhaps even the UAE (dare we say world?!), which allows us to keep our classes small and intimate, ensuring that everyone is ALWAYS looked after and also enabling our community to grow closely together, very much making us a ‘family’. We know this is such a cliche term, but it really is like that. You can not help but get to know every person in your class, because there will only ever be a maximum of 8 of you working out on any given day.


    We take a great deal of pride in our beginner’s program. Head Coach Adrian Hughes is an exceptionally talented coach when it comes to breaking things down to the most simple and comprehensive version possible.
    His patience are bulletproof, the man literally does not lose his cool. Ever. So, if you’re new to Crossfit, or new to exercise in general, we would put our hand on our heart and tell you that with us, you will be happy. You will be safe. You will be paid the utmost attention to. You will grow more than you have ever even allowed yourself to believe you can. If you are incapable of believing in yourself at the beginning, Adrian will believe for you, until you can – until you do.
    We have seen many beginner’s come through our beginner’s program (which is not for a specific amount of time, you stay for as long as Coach Ades deems necessary, and even then can stay longer as a beginner if that is where you are most comfortable. Some people have stayed many months. Others have been in and out in 2 visits) and take off amazingly well in our regular classes.


    Experienced Crossfitters
    We also have an excellent program for our experienced Crossfitters. We love a competitive vibe, but only in good nature. Big ego’s that make other people feel badly about themselves are simply not tolerated. Somehow, we have managed to never have an issue with this. which is an achievement in and of itself.
    Don’t get us wrong, we look at that whiteboard and we take note of who we need to chase to get the best score, but it is always done with class. We had a great turn out in last year’s open and are hoping to have up to 30+ people involved in Open 2016! We also had 2 athletes compete at the Dubai Fitness Championship which was a very proud moment for us. So don’t count us out if you are looking to be competitive.


    If you want to meet some of your future best mates, have a laugh and get fitter in the process, come and see us!
    Business Bay CrossFit is literally, a dream come true.
    Adrian comes from Cheltenham, England while Marlene is a Canadian girl out of St. Catharines, Ontario. They both arrived in Dubai at different stages in 2007, landing jobs as personal trainers at Fitness First, Burjuman. They fell madly (and we mean MADLY) in love with each other quite a while later, in 2010.
    Adrian immediately made it known that it is his life long goal and dream to open and operate his own gym. At that time, CrossFit was entirely foreign to both of them. A gym of his own was a dream, and that too, one that seemed like it would always be just that – a dream.

    Fast forward a couple of years to 2012 and these dreams started to look less impossible. Adrian worked hard, proposal after proposal to different investors – his incredible ideas all over the computer screens of people who had the money, but certainly didn’t have the passion – or the knowledge and understanding. One day, an amazing thing happened; the right person, who knew Adrian and Marlene well, decided to take a massive chance on them. By massive, we mean life-changing. Suddenly, there was this huge opportunity to do exactly what they wanted, how they wanted to, with no questions asked.
    CrossFit was where their hearts were at that time – and they are still there now. Both Marlene and Adrian had been dabbling with CrossFit at different, amazing boxes in Dubai and had fallen in love with everything that it stands for. They just wanted to take everything they had learned over many years and add it to what they desperately wanted to create – add their own meaning to what fitness should feel like, according to them.
    And so came BBCF. Their perfect little box in Business Bay. It’s small, but it is FULL of passion. It is home to truly, genuinely, wonderful humans. What has been created in BBCF has far exceeded even Marlene and Adrian’s wildest dreams. They simply could not be more in awe of the people who have chosen their vision to become not only the reality of their own fitness journey, but a place to give love and be loved – for exactly who and how they are.
    Thanks for stopping by, and welcome home!
    Crossfit is for everyone, and it’ll get you in the best shape of your life!
    The idea behind Crossfit are simple; help you look better (especially in a bathing suit), feel healthier, get fitter and stronger all while having a laugh and some fun. We do this through varied and challenging sets of exercises and workouts in a welcoming, safe and encouraging environment.

    It’s simple, but it’s effective.


    We know it’s effective because we’ve seen members at BBCF lose weight, gain muscle, rehabilitate injuries and achieve their goals faster than they thought possible.
    The first time you walk into BBCF you’ll notice it doesn’t look like your normal gym. There are no machines or treadmills in sight, but there is tons of other fun stuff we play with every day!
    Each piece of equipment is there to help prepare you for anything life might throw at you. We run, row, lift weights, jump on boxes and flip tires. We use pull up bars, throw medicine balls, swing kettlebells, skip on ropes, pull and push on gymnastics rings, and so much more!

    If that sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry!


    You’ll never be asked to do anything you’re not ready to do or don’t feel confident trying. In fact, we take great pride in being able to scale all of our workouts.
    Scaling simply means we will always adjust your workout to your personal level of ability. Every one does the same workout each day, but we’ll scale (adjust) your workout so that it’s challenging for you but can still be done safely and effectively.
    We promise there’ll be lots of sweat, but so much laughter too.
    Need more convincing?

    Your first class if FREE…
    Let us show you what we can do for you…



    Here’s where all the fun happens!
    Run by the main man, Coach Ades, our Crossfit classes meet Saturday – Thursday in the mornings and evenings!
    Every workout is different so you’ll never get bored, but in general we’ll do an active warm-up, some skill or strength training, the Workout of the Day (or “WOD”), and some mobility work. Don’t get too comfortable with the routine though, because that could all change tomorrow.
    Every workout can be (and will be) scaled if needed so that everyone workouts out together! Yes, even new athletes workout alongside veteran athletes!


    Our BBCF Beginners Classes meet on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays and are open to anyone who’s new to CrossFit and wants to get a taste of the fun!
    In these classes you will be taught the basic movements and skills you will need to safely take part in, and fully enjoy, one of our group classes.
    We will work with you to build your general fitness base and gain familiarity with our movements, with the goal of ultimately training in one of our group CrossFit classes.
    Again every workout and all the movements are scaled to your ability so you’re safe, remain injury free and still get to work hard and have fun.


    Want to fast track your fitness goals? Private Coaching is your answer.
    Both Coach Ades and Coach Marlene offer Private Coaching sessions to anyone looking for a little bit extra (extra love, extra fitness, extra accountability, and extra laughs).
    During these sessions we will work with you to identify and clarify your fitness goals, assess your movement, and create a program specifically targeted at improving your weaknesses and building on your strengths.
    Your workouts will be tailored to your specific needs and fitness level and will progress at a rate that keeps you seeing the results you want.
    These sessions are arranged at your convenience and our coach’s availability.


    Run by our favorite Swedish bar lifting genius, BBCF’s Oly Weightlifting Class focuses on learning and improving the Olympic Weightlifting movements of the snatch and clean & jerk as well as other related lifts.
    In this class, you’ll improve your explosiveness and power, increase your baseline strength, compliment your weekly class workouts and become an all round better athlete!
    We also promise you will laugh A LOT and have a really really really good time.


    Strongman is all about lifting often-awkward, freaking heavy stuff, safely! It translates beautifully in to real life (not very often we have a barbell shaped object to pick up and take home, right? Hello couches, and 20 million bags of groceries from the car to the lift and then up (what feels like) 100 floors… ON YOUR OWN!!)
    During this class you will learn how to lift atlas stones, flip tyres, carry farmers handles and a yoke and push/pull sleds. It’s a fun class where you’ll get out of your comfort zone and do something totally different from regular programming.


    If you have ever died horribly early on in a WOD, hate running any sort of distances or dread long workouts then this class is for you!
    The endurance classes focus on learning how to keep moving consistently for longer periods of time while staying in control of your heart rate and breathing. Essentially working on converting your fuel injected petrol engine into a more economical diesel engine!
    You’ll learn how to pace, how to breathe and how to mentally keep moving for long periods of time.


    Open gym is a time for you to work on extra skills, strength, or make up missed workouts.
    Coaching is not available during this time, but Coach Ades or Coach Rory are usually around to supervise safety and answer quick questions.

    Every workout can be (and will be) scaled if needed so that everyone workouts out together! Yes, even new athletes workout alongside veteran athletes!

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