Saving Money Has Never Been That Easy!

Have you ever wondered how can you save money and not miss out on the fun things in life, neither compromise on your lifestyle?


Well, we thought of it pretty well, engineered the adequate product for it and we came up with the right answer for you. is your Daily Mobile App Partner that provides you a wide variety of money saving Deals and Offers all around your city. All what you need is your smart phone and an internet connection. Whether you are on Android or IOS, mobile application is your partner “On The Go”. Our app is super easy and user friendly that you can redeem and enjoy hundreds yet thousands of money saving offers with just few simple clicks on your phone.

What are you waiting for? Download app from your store and enjoy!

* available starting June 2019 in the Middle East*


Easy Steps To Follow

Download The App

Download app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Register and unlock a 2 week free access to redeem discounts and offers including but not limited to Restaurants, Cafe's, Gyms, Spas, Venues, Hotels, Daily Services, Attractions, Leisures, Fashion, Retail and many other offerings.

Pick The Outlet

Whether you are looking for a discount on your ordered meal, dine in table, your next hotel night, your next getaway or your new sunglasses, select the merchant of your choice from the App, check the location / branch of your choice and visit them.

Redeem The Offer

Once it is time to pay the bill, hand over your phone with the app open to the offer redemption section of the merchant you are at and ask the merchant representative to put in his 4 digit pin code to activate your offer. CONGRATULATIONS!
You have saved money and collected points.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


Technically It is a platform and an app that offers you Buy 1 Get ! Free offers and discounted deals across your city!

By heart, we are a community that focuses on wellbeing and lifestyle.

Our aim is to enhance your customer experiences, by saving you time, money, and providing you a variety of DealsVouchersDiscounts and Promotions that suit your taste across the Middle East

Upon downloading and registering to for the first time you will get a 14 Days FREE TRIAL.


*valid on selective package(s)

Please note:

  • You can not ping offers during your free trial.
  • this trial is only available if it is the first time you are downloading App onto a device and/or you have never owned an product. offers are available in our mobile app, of which you can download from your preferred store. 

You can expect valuable offers across Restaurants, Cafe’s, Gyms, Spa’s, Resorts, Beaches, Hotels , Daily Services and much much more..

Everyone is welcome, as soon as you download app and successfully register, you will be granted a trial membership for 2 weeks.

To keep your membership valid after your free trial expires, please purchase a package.

In products section, and prior to your purchase, select a product and scroll down, all its respective merchants will appear.

To see the linked offers of each merchant, you simply have to click on any merchant in the app, and you will see all its available/locked offers displayed.

For now, products are available for a full year from the date of purchase.

Note: we might have selective products for a shorter or longer duration

You can either purchase them online on our website or via the app (products section) or at our contracted stores.

See below: Difference between Offline Activation Code and Online Purchases

Sure you can, we will publish the contracted retail stores of which you can buy packages (offline activation memberships) in due course.

Sure you can and for 2 weeks!

*valid on selective package(s)

Please note:

  • You can not ping offers during your free trial.
  • this trial is only available if it is the first time you are downloading App onto a device and/or you have never owned an product.

Sorry, once purchased you can not refund or exchange any of our products/services.

You can activate App either offline via an offline activation code or by purchasing an available package via the app which allows you to unlock the related offers.

Offline Activation Codes: is a 16 digit activation you that you get whenever you purchase an activation card from any of our contracted stores across your city. Just like the pre-paid phone credits, you can activate our packages by inputing the activation code you have purchased either during sign-up or inside the Store section inside app.

Online Purchases: Is the process of paying for any of our offered packages of memberships via app or website online.

Both of the above methods activate your app and allow you to redeem the respective offers.

Activations Codes: Are offline codes sold in form of activation cards at our partner stores across your city, of which you use in app to unlock offers and do offline purchases.

Promo Codes: are codes provided to you by team or our official representatives of which you input during online purchases via the app to benefit from discounts during your purchase.

Note: Promo codes are valid on online purchases only and you can not use a promo code & an activation code at the same time.

The merchant can refuse to accept to refuse the offer in case of any rules & regulation violations or in case of any harm caused to the merchant directly or indirectly.

Monthly offers are offers that re-open at the begging of every month.

Yearly offers are offers that are valid for a limited number of redemptions 2 or 3 times all year long.

Remember you can always buy back a redeemed offer if it is still a valid one.

Of course, it is always recommended to update app whenever we have a new update in order to benefit from the latest features, upgrades and get rid of any glitches you might face.

We will do our best to get you the best offers and cover as much cities as possible.

Depending on the country you are in we might have packages categorized by city or by the entire country.

Shall you seek more than one city, keep an eye on our bundle offers of which it will unlock for you offers in multiple cities at convenient prices.

Levels represent your grade in the app, it is counted based on the number of offer redemptions you make during a set duration.

Medals are rewards you get whenever you unlock a certain in app action.

You shall be receiving bonus points on each medal / level you achieve.

You can always go to the Levels & Medals tabs inside your Profile section in app to have a look at your current level and medals achieve and to know more on the available medals and levels in place.

By default all app users start at level “Rookie

On every redemption you collect points.

On your birthday you get Free points as a gift from

Collected points can be used to  “Pay back” other redeemed offers and to purchase send/receive pings.


Delivery is one of the offer types under Food & Drinks.

You can use app to check and redeem the available delivery offers and discounts at participating restaurants.

Open the app, go to Food & Drinks Section and click on view all next to the Featured Delivery Restaurants.


You can use as much offers as you want as long as the offers do not intervene. So, you can not use the buy 1 get 1 free offer then use the 20% on Total Bill.

  • Some merchants might not accept offers during weekends or holidays or certain timings / days.
  • Some merchants might have a minimum order to accept the offer

Often the above is disclosed next to the offer in the app.

Sure, all beneficiaries linked to your account have access to all your offers, delivery and other offers.

If there is any issue with your order, you should contact the merchant directly. They will take your complaint and should assist you accordingly.

Sure, for the time being, all delivery offers are done over the phone, but.. Stay tuned we might have a big delivery feature coming soon 🙂

You can pay your order directly to the delivery guy via cash or card depending on the availability.


Remember, the delivery guy should have and should put the Redemption Pin Code that activates your discount / offer while settling your bill.

Sure you can!


Remember, the delivery guy should have and should put the Redemption Pin Code that activates your discount / offer while settling your bill.

Sorry, you can not ping a delivery offer.

Sure you can!

You can buy it back for 1,000 points.

Sorry, you can not use different offer types together.

So, you can not use the buy 1 get 1 free offer then use the 20% on Total Bill.

Features & Functionalities

Appstore: link

Google Play: link

Samsung Apps: link

The app is free to download.

After you download make sure you register an account with us to activate your complimentary 14 DAYS FREE TRIAL and unlock the available offers!

Abiding by the age and religion restrictions of each market, we strict the view and redemptions of alcohol related products to prior authorization and acceptance by each user.

Once you buy the product and verify your details, your alcohol related products will be all yours to see, explore and enjoy.

Please note: all alcohol products in our app are intended for the use by persons of legal drinking age and non-Muslim.

You can either change the currency from your edit Profile section (preferred currency) or you can go to Products, and click on the currency drop down in the top-left section of the header.

You can either check it out from the home screen in app under your profile picture or you can go to Profile section > My Performance Records > My Savings

You can either check it out from the home screen in app under your profile picture or you can go to Profile section > My Performance Records > My Points

If your already logged in to the app, go to Profile section > My Account and click on Reset Password.

If you are not logged in to the app click on the Reset Password link just under the Sign In (username / password ) tabs.

While paying the bill, and once you click on the offer you want to redeem from the app, a pop up will appear asking you to give your mobile to the merchant representative for him/her to put his/her pin code.

Once a valid pin code is inputed, another automated pop-up will appear with the redemption activation code in it.

As long as a valid 4-digit pin code has NOT been entered during the redemption process, you can always cancel your redemption. 

However, once you or the merchant enter a valid 4-digit pins, the redemption process can not be changed, reversed or stopped.

Yes, using the app and redeeming offer(s) requires that your mobile phone is connected to the internet.

With this connectivity we can make sure that your account is always updated, you are linked to the latest available offers and the data is synced in real time which is important for both you and us especially if your product is shared on multiple devices.

Locked offers are offers that require you to purchase their respective products / packages to unlock or are offers that their start date did not become valid yet.

Once you are at any of the merchant’s detailed section in the app, you will see a green button with a link to Careem taxi in it.

The process of booking a taxi is easy, just click on the link and our app will redirect you to Careem’s app with your destination location already set for you.

You don’t have Careem app yet?

That’s fine. Just download Careem for free from your App store, register for an account and enjoy ongoing seamless integration with our App.

Because sharing is caring we want you to share offers with your friends and receive offers too..

This feature will help you exchange or send offers with your friends and colleagues at ease.

Are you more into fish and your friend is more into meat? Or do you wish to exchange offers far from you with a friend who lives closer? Why wait? Ping one another the available offers and Enjoy!

Shall you need to know more about the Ping functionality, please feel free to read further about it in the following FAQ section.

The steps are easy, just open the app, go to the merchants’ section, scroll down to see the offers you wish to ping, click on the ping icon (paper plane) and select one or more offers. 

Once ready, click on the Ping button, put in the email of the recipient and click send, confirm the pop-up and voila.. Pings sent!

If the person you are sending the offers is not yet a subscribed user in platform he/she will receive and email with detailed steps to follow and redeem the offer(s) you pinged to him/her. 

If the person you are sending the offers to is already a valid member of our community and already has access to the app, he/she will get notified in app to accept or decline the offers pinged by you.

Try it it out.. and Happy Savings for Both of You!

Important Notes:

  • You cannot ping Monthly or Hotels Worldwide offers.
  • Pinged offers are valid for 30 days only.

You can send up to 50 offers and receive up to 30 offers in your 12 months valid membership.

You can send up to 3 offers and receive up to 2 offers in your 1 months valid membership.

Out of Pings? Worry Not!

Inside app, Add section. You can always increase your Pings credit by using your collected points. Redeem 10 Pings for 1,000 Pts.

Important Note: You cannot ping Monthly or Hotels Worldwide offers.

Sure, just make sure to Ping the offer to a valid email address.

Also, make sure the recipient of your pinged offers uses the same email address to register with it to app.

The recipient will receive a detailed e-mail that will help him/her to download the app and guide him/her on how to accept the offers in order to be able to redeem them.

Pinged offers are valid for 30 days.

Shall the recipient not take action by accepting or receiving them, the pinged offers will be voided

Important Notes:

  • You cannot ping Monthly or Hotels Worldwide offers.
  • Sender of pinged offers can not claim back sent / pinged offers even if the recipient declined or voided them.

For the time being, App is available in English language only.

We are sorry if your preferred language is not available yet.

However, stay tuned as we might have the app in more languages soon.

Shall you would like to use app in other language(s) of your choice, please take a minute and share your preferred language in the Profile > Feedback section in app or drop us an e-mail to

Looking forward to hear from you!

At the level of the merchant partner inside app, the reserve button allows you to send a predefined email to request a booking from the merchant.

The email is set to contain predefined information along with email in cc.

Please make sure not to remove email from cc to ensure proper handling and support of your transaction.

Important note: Reservations are counted approved and valid, only when you receive back a confirmation email from the merchant confirming your booking.

“Buy Back” is a feature that allows you to re-open an used offer.

Often 1,000 Points are needed to buy back an already redeemed offer.

Note: Expired, Pinged or Monthly Offers can not be bought back.

To ensure that app works properly and links you to the nearest offers around you, it is recommended to allow app to have access to your location.

Shall you blocked access from to your location by mistake, you can always enable it from your phone settings.

Rules of Use

Our Offers have very few restrictions on how and when they can be used, but below is a quick overview of the basic rules & restrictions. Offers:

  • Can be used seven days a week – minimal exclusion days apply.
  • Up to four Offers can be redeemed at one time for a group of eight people or more.
  • Only “ONE” % Discount offer/voucher is valid per table! 
  • Should be presented before payment or requesting the bill.
  • Are not valid when using any other discount offers, promotions, special menu items or loyalty/rewards programs.

Sure you can! Many of the Beauty & Fitness Offers can be used in two ways:

  1. Two people can benefit from the same offer in the same visit, with the second treatment or service being free of charge.
  2. One user can user the offer where the full price will be paid on the first treatment/service and then the second visit will be free of charge. The merchant will provide a voucher on the first visit to be used on another visit. Please note that the complimentary voucher for the treatment/service must be used within the Offer validity period. It also non-transferable and cannot be issued as a gift voucher.

The “Discount” Offers can be used for one visit against the service/item mentioned on the voucher. No need to bring a partner and not obligated for a second visit should you go on your own.

Please note that:

  • The discount will apply only on normal rates/prices and cannot be used at the same time with any other promotion, discounts, special offers or vouchers. 
  • At all times these offers need to be presented before the service is being purchased.

You can use as much offers as you want as long as the offers do not intervene and as long as the merchant is OK with it.
Whenever the offer is % discount on Total Bill, only one offer can be redeemed per table.

So, you can not use the buy 1 get 1 free offer then use the 20% on Total Bill.

The use of all of our Offers are subject to our Rules of Use.

Please carefully take a look at these before using any Offer to avoid any disappointment.

You can either find the Rules of Use link during offer redemptions in the Pop-up that you get while redeeming an offer or you can always refer to it in the Profile Section > Under Rules & Regulations.

Depending on the Merchant partner, then sure you can!

Remember before paying, the merchant should put the Redemption Pin Code that activates your discount / offer while settling your bill.

It is not a recommended approach and we prefer that you do not do that.

Remember has provided you with the Add Beneficiary Feature in order to avoid that and keep your log-in safe without having to exchange usernames and passwords with anyone.

Email & SMS Verification

Making sure that you have easy access to your account at all times is important to us.

For that we need ensure that the e-mail or phone number you have used during registration is a valid one.

This way you are always capable to reset your password and access app at all times.

Upon downloading and registering to for the first time you will get a 14 Days FREE TRIAL.


If you cannot log into the App, it is likely that you did not verify your e-mail or phone (OTP) within the 24 hour time frame.

Simply open the App and click “Resend activation e-mail” or “Resend SMS activation” when you receive the pop up.

From there, go to your e-mail inbox and click on the link provided in the e-mail to verify your account or input the verification code sent by SMS to your phone and activate your account.

You will be logged out of your account after 24 hours if you do not verify your e-mail or phone number, but do not worry. 

You can still re-activate your account.

Simply open the App and click “Resend activation e-mail” or “Resend SMS activation” when you receive the pop up.

From there, go to your e-mail inbox and click on the link provided in the e-mail to verify your account or input the verification code sent by SMS to your phone and activate your account.

There’s no need to panic. If you are in the App, please follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Profile” icon
  • Navigate to the “Preferences”
  • View which e-mail address you have registered with
  • If the e-mail address is wrong, select the “Live Chat” option from the list
  • Communicate with the Live Chat and ask them to update your e-mail address or phone number.
  • You will receive the new verification e-mail / SMS to verify your e-mail ID or Phone Number.

This is only valid for the first 24 hours after registration.

Beneficiary Accounts

A beneficiary account is an access a App User uses to grant access to his/her family members, friends or colleagues.

Instead of sharing your username and app credentials with others, Deelz,me allows you to add up to 5 accounts in your app.

Once added, they get linked to your purchased packages which allows your beneficiaries to benefit from the offers you have unlocked.

All what they have to do is download the FREE App  from the store and log in with the email you have sent them the invitation to!

Happy Savings and Offer Redemptions to all of You!

A main app user or member is a member you has purchased a valid membership or product that allows him / her to unlock available offers to redeem.

However, a beneficiary account is a secondary account added by the main account under their beneficiary list which helps them grant access to their beneficiaries to benefit from their active purchased package(s) and product(s).

Open your app and go to your profile section then click on My Beneficiaries, then:

  • Click on the “Add Beneficiary” button.
  • Input your beneficiary’s name, e-mail and your relationship with them.
  • Click on ‘Add’ button

You can add up to 5 beneficiary accounts.

At any point in time, you can wish to replace any beneficiary account with another one or even delete any or all of your beneficiary accounts.

Yes, you can take your Level & Medals with you if you leave your beneficiary account.

You can always click on delete Beneficiary account and add a new valid e-mail / account and we will take care of the rest.

Sure you can, using your registered deelz,me email address.

Remember, all beneficiaries linked to a main user have access to the same account of the main user, they redeem from the same list of offers and use the same granted allowed send / receive pings per main account.

You can always redeem 10 send/receive pings for 1,000 points via the app

Sorry, you can not take with you your points collected either from redemptions, medals and levels achieved as they are linked to the primary account you were linked to.

Sure, every user in app shall receive a 1,000 Points as a gift on their birthday.

Not at all! You can use the app and benefit from it just as the Primary Account user you are linked to.

Sure thing! All connected app users to a valid membership / product(s) can use the app and benefit from all its available services at the same time.

The main app user will invite you by adding your email address to their beneficiaries list inside the app.

As a beneficiary, you shall receive an email with steps to follow download and activate your app and enjoy a wide variety of offer redemptions.

You can also find your “Pending Invites” in your Profile Settings section.

Unfortunately not, you can only be a beneficiary to one main account only.

Shall you wish to be linked to another beneficiary account, you can always do that by clicking on the leave button inside your “My Beneficiaries” Profile Section and accepting a new beneficiary invitation from another main app user.

Should your invite be rejected, the slot will be automatically freed up.

You can then “Delete” the beneficiary account  by clicking on the trash can icon next to their name.

You can click on “My Beneficiary” in Profile section and check the status next to your beneficiaries account.

Remember, you shall always receive an email to inform you wether your invitation has been accepted or not.

If the status was Pending, this means your invitation has not been accepted yet.

If the status was Active, this means your invitation has been accepted.

If the status was Declined, this means your invitation has been declined.

Once you have sent your invitation, the beneficiary has 7 days to accept or decline. Thereafter, the invitation will be auto-rejected.

Should the beneficiary Member miss your invitation and it expires, you can easily re-invite them.

We want to keep your account security at its best.

Thus At all times, users should not share their credentials with anyone else.

Every user should sign in via their own provided credentials.

If a user logs in with the same credentials on another device, the user shall be automatically signed out from the 1st device.

Potential Reasons:

  • You have not verified your sign in details through your email or by SMS 
  • You have your account details signed in to another device
  • You were previously signed in using the Primary Member’s account details and now have to register a new account to be invited to join their sharing account.
  • You have signed up for a new account, but have failed to verify your email address or phone number.

Remember, in case team saw any suspicious behavior to any of its users, team has the right to ban them without previous notice.

Shall team find no involvement of the main user with the suspicious activity, the primary user’s account shall not be affected, however they can at anytime remove their beneficiary member from their list.

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