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    The (EMS) system of 20’Fit electro muscle stimulation is one of the most advanced and efficient method of training in our time.

    With 20’FIT you can reach your goals of physical training, even if it is to lose weight, have a better physique, strengthen your muscles, keep in good shape, or just recover from and operation or injury. 20’FIT allows you to obtain a toned body, 6 pack, good posture and strong, well-defined muscles. 20’FIT is not a new method, nor a new fashion. The EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) technology that supports it has already been used for several years both in the medical industry and competitive sports! And now the time has come for you to try it out! As efficient as 6 hours in the gym in just 20 minutes!


    The main advantage of using 20’FIT is the stimulation of the whole body at the same time. While training all the muscle groups simultaneously, the necessary amount of time spent on training will be reduced to one sixth of its length. When we are working out in the gym, we are working the muscle groups separately, which means that we need to invest at least 15-20 minutes for each zone (with 3-4 sets for each exercise, meaning 30-40 muscular contractions in total). On the other hand, 20’FIT works all the muscle groups simultaneously. Its electric impulses generate 30-40 micro contractions per second in each and every muscle. Furthermore, the basic exercises performed during the workout also stimulate the muscles, which are already tense, and this gives us 36.000 muscular contractions in the whole body in just 20 minutes!

    With EMS training you will not be full of aches and pains. After a workout you will feel great, like you have just had a great workout, but without the back pain and joint problems from lifting heavy weights. 20′ FIT provides a very low impact workout combined with electrical muscle stimulation. That’s why you will achieve great results without the achy back and sore knees! Nothing worse than doing 50 sit ups and only for about three of them to actually work your abs. Well thanks to electro fitness that is a thing of the past. 20′ FIT targets the muscles like weights and cardio simply cannot. Each muscle that you want to work will get an intense workout that will give fantastic results. Here at 20′ FIT we will get you in shape and lead to the body you always wanted in a fast, safe and painless way. You can get in a 20′ FIT workout after a hard day at work, before you pick the kids up from school or even just before you got to bed. Hour long workouts at the gym belong to the past with 20′ FIT.
    20′ Fit areas of application
    Weight Loss

    Weight controlling, beauty and vitality! Don’t suffer for beauty. Train in one of our studios and obtain better results in less time! This is a tremendously effective training method! Visible weight loss and muscle definition in only 20 minutes a week! As you are losing weight with the training, you are also getting in a better shape. Now we provide you with a special anti-cellulite treatment, aimed primarily at the enhancement of the metabolic stimulation, which helps to eliminate toxins. (EMS)
    Body Shape and Sport!

    20’FIT is harder and more intense than the traditional training. From now you can reach your goals faster, whether you are an amateur or a pro sportsman. It is about a complete and incredibly intense training that works on 90% of your muscles. The EMS is already an excellent and complete exercise by itself, but it can also be used as an effective complementary training to other sports in order to improve the performance of elite athletes. 20’FIT is the tool to strengthen, speed up and revitalize the immune system.
    Health and rehabilitation

    Did you suffer an injury, an accident, or just feeling as if you were getting older? The EMS ‘Electro Muscular Stimulation’ is highly recommended in these cases as well! The EMS training is delicate with your joints in such a way that you can work your muscles, including pelvic muscles, in a safe way. It also stimulates the blood circulation! The EMS training is used in an effective way in the rehabilitation after injuries and operations, and afterwards to stay in good shape at any age and to reduce or even completely eliminate back pain.

    20’ Fit! Short time, big results!

    Muscular definition with EMS training



    The micro contractions of the muscles stimulate the circulation and strengthen the veins. Thanks to the electric impulses not only the principal muscles but also the skeletal muscles can be reached, while the veins, layers of fat are being stimulated as well, which speeds up the whole process of fat burning and toning of the skin.

    Targeted muscle building with EMS training


    Thanks to the perfect positioning of the electrodes, every impulse reaches precisely the targeted muscle, which can ensure that the exercises will be executed in the correct manner.

    Muscular balance with electro fitness


    The external impulses help to strengthen the weakest parts of our bodies with major ease.

    Protect your joints with electro fitness


    The electric impulses concentrate on the muscles in a way so that the side effects of working out with weights belong to the past.

    20 Fit | EMS Training | Delicate on the joints.


    EMS training workout in just 20 minutes


    …experience big progress. By working out almost all the muscle groups at the same time it is enough to work out only 20 minutes a week.

    EMS training to fight cellulite


    Improving the blood flow towards the muscles and the problematic parts of the skin is by far the best way to fight Cellulite.

    Decrease fat with EMS training


    This efficient and strengthening training converts your body into a calorie-burning oven. It also boosts your metabolism.
    EMS training strengthens the muscles



    20’Fit strengthens the muscles surrounding the spine. Suffering from a weak back has become history!


    EMS training by 20 Fit prevents osteoporosis


    Stronger and heavier muscles also strengthen your bones, by making the more resistant.

    Private and personalized EMS training


    Train with privacy, without anyone else being able to see the intensity that you train with, or the weights that you are using.

    EMS Training suitable for all ages


    Doesn’t matter if you are 17 or 80. You will decide for yourself how intensively you want to train.

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