We’re a city of foodies, with over 7,000 restaurant outlets to accommodate the population which is nudging just over the 2.7 million mark.

Even fast food is an event here, where videos of melt-in-your-mouth burgers and fancy fries dominate our social media feeds just as much as beautifully created Michelin worthy dishes.

But who do you turn to when you need a great recommendation? (When you’ve scoured Lovin but still want more, obvs…)

Here are some Dubai foodies you need to follow:

1. Homam Ayaso – The Gastronaut

The Gastronaut features the cheap and cheerful, high end, and everything in between and his feed is travel and food goals. Travel the world while eating the best food? Follow the Gastronaut on his journey…

2. Food Sheikh – aka… the Food Sheikh

An anonymous reviewer, the Food Sheikh pays for all his meals which makes him pretty unique among the Dubai food blogging set. His lengthy reviews usually poke fun at the establishment but always provide an honest opinion.

3. Dubai Fit Foodie – aka Gbemi Giwa

This page is proof great food doesn’t need to be unhealthy. Follow this girl for all your healthy food and fitness tips.

4. boyintsik – Jm Geca

A Dubai based content creator, food is an art form on this feed and the mouth-watering pics will inspire you to visit some spots around the city you may not have heard of.

5. Gurkansef – Et’in Jönü

The famous quirky chef, who has restaurants around the world to his name, is about to open up here in Dubai. Expect pics of some tasty looking dishes and an insight into the cheffing world as he embarks on a brave journey on the Dubai restaurant scene.

6. Secret Squirrel – Karen Mclean

No foodie blogger list in Dubai would be complete without the Secret Squirrel. Her energetic, upbeat personality matches her quirky food art and talent for creating stunning, visual dishes.

7. Where My Food At

Is exactly the question we’re all asking, and one look at the tasty pics on this page and you’ll have found your next meal.

Expect honest insights into the hottest restaurants in Dubai from this popular page.

8. Foodiva

The Foodiva knows food and her detailed and genuine reviews will prepare you for your food journey at whatever Dubai restaurant you choose to visit.

9. judy_karim – Judy Karim

For soul food recipes and clever ideas as to how to feed your family, follow Judy’s adventures and the ADORABLE pics of her little baby girl!

Beautiful Article by: Casey Fitzgerald

Source: https://lovindubai.com/news/dubai-foodies-worth-following
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